Motor Theorieboek Engels 2022 (English) – Motorcycle Driving License Theory Book – With 3 Hours of Theory Exam Practice, CBR Information and Traffic Signs


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This package is intended for the Netherlands only. This package will prepare you to take your motor theory exam in 2022.
Motor Theory Book with 3 Hours Online Exam Training + CBR Information and Traffic Signs
In this package you will receive multiple products. In the CBR Information booklet you can read what is required in obtaining your driver’s licence. With the Theory Book and the Traffic Sign Book you prepare yourself thoroughly for the theoretical exam. Finally, with the Online Exam training you test your knowledge. Are you ready for the exam?
CBR Information booklet
In this booklet we tell you what is required to get your driver’s licence. You will have to take a theoretical and practical exam. We will inform you how to apply for these exams, what you can expect from the exams, and once you have passed both parts, we will inform you how to apply for your driver’s licence.
Motor Theory Book Driving licence A
This motor theory book by VekaBest is one of the best sold motor theory books on the market. Traffic rules and situations are explained to you in an easy and clear way. The many images and practical examples make this book even more fun to read. After reading this book passing your theoretical exam will be a piece of cake!
The motor theory book is divided into 14 chapters, each with its own subject. The subjects correspond with what is tested on the CBR motor theoretical exam. The motor theory book by VekaBest provides you the best possibility to prepare yourself for acing your exams. Also you will allways receive the latest edition of this theory book.
Traffic Signs
With this Traffic Sign Book by ‘Zorgeloos Studeren’, learning the traffic signs becomes even easier. This book does not only lists the traffic signs, but also explains what behavior is expected from you at each traffic sign. With this book you increase your traffic insight, and with it the chance of obtaining your motor theoretical exam.
3 Hours of Online Exam Training
You will also receive an online exam training card from us in this package. With this card you can create an account on the Online Platform of VekaBest. Here you can make online practice exams for 3 hours.
We always recommend making practice exams. By making practice exams, you learn the way of questioning on the CBR theoretical exam. This way you will not be faced with unexpected surprises. Of course it is also a useful tool to test whether you have mastered the theory adequately. Make use of it!
Good luck with learning and practicing!