AutoTheorieboek Engels Rijbewijs B 2023 – Auto Theorieboek Engels met Oefenvragen – Car Theory Book English for Dutch driving license


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Auto Theorieboek Rijbewijs Engels voor Nederlands Auto Rijbewijs
Dit is het nieuwste theorieboek in het Engels voor het behalen van het Nederlandse rijbewijs B. Het boek is geschreven volgens de meest recente CBR-richtlijnen. Het boek bevat alle hoofdstukken van de CBR en is in korte hoofdstukken geschreven, zodat u niet meteen lange stukjes tekst hoeft te lezen. De theorie wordt u in een rustig tempo en op een duidelijke manier gepresenteerd. Het boek bevat fragmenten die een ideale samenvatting zijn van de auto theorie. Elk hoofdstuk eindigt met theorie-vragen die je helpen bij het leren van het materiaal. De antwoorden op deze theorievragen zijn te vinden in de achterkant van het boek, samen met de definities. Ook eindigt elk hoofdstuk met een samenvatting. Het boek eindigt met de verkeersborden, die je handig kunt houden tijdens het lezen van de theorie om te gebruiken als naslagwerk.
Car Theory Book Driving Licence B 2022
The newest theory book, written by theory professionals, including free shipping. This is an ideal book to study the car theory. You can easily learn the car theory from your comfy chair. The book is written according to the most recent CBR guidelines. Use this book to prepare yourself for the car theory exam at the CBR. The book has all chapters of the CBR, from A through Z. Written in short chapters, so you do not have to read long pieces of text at once. The theory is presented to you at a good pace and in a clear manner. The book includes excerpts, the excerpts are an ideal summary of the car theory and can help you put in the finishing touches. Each chapter ends with theory questions that assist you in learning the material. The answers to these theory questions are found in the back of the book, together with the definitions. The book ends with the traffic signs, which you can keep handy while reading the theory to use as a reference work.
Years of Experience
DBW has years of experience in theory materials for car, motor, moped and boating license theory. Many students have successfully completed their exams with the FDBW theory books. The theory book for car by FDBW is a 300 page book, divided over the CBR categories. In each chapter, the FDBW BV car theory book teaches you the current study materials of the CBR in a logical manner. Through the special set-up and structure of the book, you will navigate through the car theory with ease and learn in a clever manner. The car theory book also offers tips and tricks to easily remember the material. The FDBW BV car theory book consists of 25 chapters and treats all subjects like traffic legislation, hazard recognition, priority, traffic signs and more. Our traffic teachers, who also offer classroom theory classes, continually keep the study material in the book up to date.
The book includes:
– Studying Car Theory car theory book driving license B
– More than 110 questions
– Excerpts
– Answers to the 110 questions
– Theory material that perfectly connects to the CBR theoretical exam for the car
– Free and quick delivery
25 chapters
The car theory book is divided over 25 chapters. The chapters are presented to you clearly and briefly. This way, you do not have to learn long chapters, but instead you could choose to read 1 or 2 chapters at a time. An ideal way to prepare yourself for the theoretical exam for the car driving license. The book contains 300 pages including theory questions & answers, excerpts, traffic signs and definitions.
An ideal book to study the theory of the CBR car theory exam, for young and old!