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This car driving licence theory book is suitable for the Netherlands. VekaBest has been developing theory products for almost 60 years and has more than 4 million successful candidates. Do you want to learn faster, pass sooner? Then look no further, but go for this driving licence theory book and prepare for the CBR car theory test in 2022. Voted as the best car theory book of 2022 by ‘Driving School Specialist’.
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CAR THEORY BOOK DRIVING LICENSE B 2022 – VEKABEST This car theory book from VekaBest is the best selling car theory book in the Netherlands. This theory book is the most popular among driving school owners. Traffic rules and traffic situations are explained to you in simple language. The many illustrations and examples make it even easier to understand the theory material. With this book you will pass your CBR car theory test in no time!
The car theory is divided into 14 chapters, each with its own subject. The topics correspond to what is examined on the CBR car theory test. With this VekaBest car theory book you will be well prepared for the test. You will always receive the latest edition of this book. At the moment this is edition 2022.
We recommend this car theory book from VekaBest because it describes the car theory in a fun and accessible way. The book is also easy to understand for everyone because of the simple language. Even if you know little about the traffic rules or cars. This car theory book from VekaBest is therefore highly recommended!
Are you also looking for a practical book? Would you also like a book to support your driving lessons? Then take a look at our practical book (ISBN: 9789067994545). Using this book, you can prepare step by step for learning how to drive a car in practice. For this, the book employs The Driver Training in Steps (RIS) method. By going through scripts before you go to your driving lesson, you can better spend your time with the driving instructor. This way, you can prepare yourself better and faster for the CBR driving practical exam!
Advantages Edition 2022
Use of simple language
Real life photos and examples
Follows the latest CBR examination guidelines
More than 4 million successful candidates
Almost 60 years experience in theory products
Most popular among driving school owners
Voted as the best car theory book of 2022 by Driving School Specialist
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